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The Model-Driven Low-Code Platform

Alan is a low code platform that enables the rapid development of data centric applications, from small to very, very large. Instead of the traditional relational database + 3GL or 4GL language, the core of Alan is a data modelling language that automatically generates full stack applications.

It feels like prototyping, and lets you go from back-of-the-napkin to a running application in minutes.

'Reasons': collection { }
'Users': collection {
	'Name': text
	'Active': stategroup @default: 'Yes' (
		'Yes' -> { }
		'No' -> {
			'Reason': text -> ?^ .^ .'Reasons'
'Active Users':= integer 'n' = count .'Users'?'Active'|'Yes'

What's it for?

In Alan, data is strictly specified and includes decision logic. Unlike Excel, you cannot work around this specification. This makes it ideal for administrative tools and data gathering, as the input is guaranteed to be of high quality. And you can export data to Excel reports any time you want.

Because the specification is so complete, it is used to generate database instructions and a user interface. You can go from empty template to a cloud-hosted web application before your coffee gets cold.

Alan is also powerful when interfacing with legacy systems. It can serve as the target system, or as gateway between systems; ensuring data consistency before feeding it into the end point. To learn more about such setups, get in touch with the experts at Kjerner.

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