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The Low Code Platform

Alan's unique modeling language allows you to write a model that generates both a database design and a user interface. It feels like prototyping, and let's you go from back-of-the-napkin to a running application in minutes.

'Reasons': collection { }
'Users': collection {
	'Name': text
	'Active': stategroup @default: 'Yes' (
		'Yes' -> { }
		'No' -> {
			'Reason': text -> ?^ .^ .'Reasons'
'Active Users':= integer 'n' = count .'Users'?'Active'|'Yes'

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At this moment Alan is in Beta and also the license is in development. The Alan platform will be dual licensed; a license for the community and a for proprietary solutions.

The community can use the platform using the creative commons license.

Alan for your Business

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