Instance data files for the server:

Server configuration

The config.json contains the runtime options. Option names are case-sensitive. When no options are specified, the system uses the default options as listed below:

  "DEBUG": false,
  "delay": 60,
  "policy": [ "write", "read_fast" ],
  "poolpolicy": [ "read_fast", "read_slow", "persist" ],
  "poolsize": 1

Available options:

The policy option applies to the primary datastore process and the poolpolicy option applies to all datastores in the pool. If a flag is neither listed in the policy nor the poolpolicy option, no datastore is available to handle those types of requests. If you choose to run with a poolsize of zero, all available flags should be listed in the policy option.

Backup & cleanup scripts

The backup & cleanup scripts should be used to clean up files on disk. They can also be used to save a backup of archived data to external storage.

The script is called with:

The script is called with:

support data deployment

/'instance.json' ( = required )
/'timestamp.txt' ( = optional )
/'config.json'   ( = required )
/''     ( = optional )
/''    ( = optional )

support migration

support schedule