connector grammar version 36.5

  1. Instance Data
  2. Variables

Instance Data

Every connector has a variables.alan file where a set of key value-type pairs is specified. The connector requires a values.json instance data file, this provides the value (of the correct type) for each of these keys. The values.json file is required and must also be provided when no keys are specified. During deployments the runtime validates the provided values and fails when either:

To help with ensuring a correct values.json file before deployments, the values-helper tool is provided. This can be run from any project with the follow command:

./.alan/devenv/system-types/connector/scripts/ <Path-To-System> <Path-To-Deployment>

Example: ./.alan/devenv/system-types/connector/scripts/ systems/currency-importer ./deployment/demo

The tool is interactive and always prompts the user before deleting any data from an existing values.json. Once a new version of values.json has been written, which is guaranteed to be accepted by the server, the following message is printed:

Values successfully updated


The variables. Each has a type of integer or text. The values of each variable is specified in the deployment, see Instance Data.

'variables': dictionary { [ var ]
	'type': [ : ] stategroup (
		'integer' { [ integer ] }
		'text' { [ text ] }